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ThatQuick has a unique organizational culture of performance. which emphasizes the satisfaction of the customer by providing the best quality service. ThatQuick’s organizational culture of performance has the following characteristics:

  • Focus on Quality:We always provide Quality of service in all areas.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customer Satisfaction is the prime priority for us.
  • Efficiency: We provide efficient service through our trained technicians.

Why should you join us:

  • Young and Passionate Learner: we have the young and passionate learner
  • Participatory Management: we always welcome our team members to share new ideas. we do not follow any rigorous leadership style.
  • Great problem Solver: Everyday new problems and new challenges will arise. This helps our team members to improve problem-solving skills
  • Emotional Intelligence: Our team members help to develop strong emotional intelligence.
  • Immense Growth Opportunity: As we are a startup company so there is ample opportunity to learn out of the box.

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