ThatQuick provides home appliance services for your needs. When it comes to finding an appliance repair company you can trust in your home, ThatQuick meets all the qualifications. From TV, refrigerator, stove, oven to geyser, washing machine any kind of home appliances that you want to install or uninstall, repair, shift, gas charge everything can be done by ThatQuick’s professional and reliable technicians.

ThatQuick is one of the most renowned names in Dhaka when it comes to AC installation/uninstallations, repairing, gas charging and other basic and master AC services.

  AC installation: AC has become a necessity in Dhaka’s weather. From window AC to split AC all types of AC both indoor and outdoor installation are done by our most trusted and experienced technicians.
  AC uninstallation: ThatQuick provides AC uninstallation service for all types of AC for both Indoor and Outdoor as well as Window.
  AC servicing: ThatQuick also provides basic and master AC servicing and maintenance. AC maintenance and regular check ups can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of AC’s performance. There are two kind of AC servicing. One is General Servicing and another is Master Servicing.
  AC Gas charging: ThatQuick’s expert technician can help reduce your gas charging hassel. Gas charging can be hectic for someone who has little idea about AC gas charging. By booking AC gas charge service you can just relax and let our expert technicians do the job.

A microwave oven is an essential household appliance and need to be repaired quickly but trying to repair on your own microwave can be dangerous. ThatQuick offer quick and reliable doorstep microwave oven repair in Dhaka.

ThatQuick offers all kinds of TV services from installation/uninstallation to any sorts of repairing that needed. Our expert technicians will diagnose your TV’s problem and fix it at a reasonable price.

ThatQuick is one of well known washing machine service providers in Dhaka, we have experienced technicians who will analyse your washing machine in details and repair.

ThatQuick understand the importance of having all the home appliances especially fridge working perfectly. we have skilled and trained professionals for your fridge maintenance that are proficient in any kind of fridge problems.